New Server

New Clients print the intake paperwork and complete it before your first session.
You will need to complete, read, and sign the following forms:
1. Client Information Sheet. You will need to pick between two different forms:

(a) The standard Client Information sheet for individuals. Use this for individual therapy, couples, or family therapy for one child.
(b) The Multiple Child-client Information sheet, if Amy will be providing therapy for more than one of your children.

2.Office Policies and Informed Consent of Services. Carefully read, then sign and return the last page to Amy’s office.

3. Notice of Privacy Practices. This is for your information and does not need to be returned to Amy’s office. After you’ve read it, sign and return the Receipt and Acknowledgement of Notice (see below).

4. Notice of Privacy Practices Receipt and Acknowledgement of Notice.

If you have any questions, feel free to call Amy’s office manager (435) 688-2123, and she can answer your intake-related questions. Thank you and I look forward to meeting you.