Mother Daughter Relationship

Celebrate Motherhood

From One Mother to Another

A special moment in my life was when I held my newborn son for the first time. He looked right into my eyes, and we held each other’s gaze. I think we felt the magic of our bond in that instant.

It’s moments like this that make motherhood so joyous and rewarding generic for celebrex. Yet it is often just that- moments. If you talk to a mother on any given day, you’ll likely hear tales of mishaps, stress, mundane duties, a dose of guilt, and a lot of sacrifice. Motherhood certainly isn’t easy. It’s confusing, tiring, and frustrating at times. When children are hurting, it brings heartache.

How then, is it so fulfilling, enjoyable, and rewarding to be a mother?

How does motherhood make us happy even when it is so difficult?

Part of the answer lies in feeling connected to our children. A bond is forged when we serve and sacrifice for our children, and honor them as growing individuals. Motherhood is purposeful; it calls on our integrity and challenges us to continue growing. Surely this brings satisfaction, even with heartaches and headaches! Perhaps it is the magical combination of these things that makes motherhood a source of happiness and fulfillment.

Mothers, feel honored for your role. You have the ability to bring light into dark places, to give the first experience of love to a child, to bring security to those around you, and to make life extraordinary with your femininity. You bring knowledge, talent, and credibility anywhere you place your effort. Give thanks to the wonderful women in your life, and have gratitude for your role.


Amy Cluff, LCSW has a private therapy practice in St. George, Utah.